Nominating petitions have gone out for the vacated Conductor/Tower Executive Board position. Transport Workers United and Progressive Action support the candidacy of

Antonio DelValle for TWU Local 100 Eboard

Antonio dedicates his time to helping members get the respect they deserve on the job. A champion of Tier 6 pension reform, protesting the unacceptable number of assaults on transit workers, speaking out about our Union’s lack of accountability and representation on the job, and reforming the draconian discipline system that keeps our members in fear of their jobs are just some examples of the issues he will fight as your representative on the Executive Board.


Antonio Delvalle is a man of true character.  Honest, loyal and genuine are adjectives that those he is closest to would use to describe him.  As a student of Jamaica High School, Antonio was always looked up to as an innovator and mediator for others.


Recognizing that there was a need to lend a helping hand, upon graduating from high school Antonio proudly served in the United States Marine Corps for the next six years.  After traveling the world and serving his country, Antonio returned to his hometown of Jamaica, Queens to follow his first real passion of being a master barber and entrepreneur, opening his own barber shop and building a clientele that was unmatched by any of his competitors.


Antonio, being the man that he is, again recognized a need.  Since his barber shop was a staple in the community, for the next 20 years Antonio and his associates served the community by organizing events such as creating teams to participate in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness and Brain Aneurysm Walks, Back to School and Prom giveaways and haircuts, Basketball and Football Tournaments and a mentoring program for boys.


In May 2014, Antonio shifted his focus and accepted his next challenge of becoming a NYCT conductor.  He dedicated his time to studying and becoming proficient in his craft during training and was quickly recognized as a leader among his peers.  Although he is young in his career with the MTA, he has been a regular supporter and active participant in union and contract related events, ensuring that he and his colleagues are treated fairly and received the positive recognition they deserve.


Antonio Delvalle will continue to work behind the scenes to improve working conditions with the same commitment he has demonstrated throughout his life during his years of service to the United Stated Marine Corps and his community.


Sign the petition and vote for the person who has fought for you all along.


Anyone interested in helping out with the campaign, please contact Joseph Campbell on face book or leave a comment here with your contact information. Anyone wishing to donate hit the paypal donation button here on the website. Don’t settle for poor substitutes….


Sign and Vote for Antonio DelValle!!!
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Coming from a working class family I've always been concerned about the everyday worker. The unseen and unheard workers who through their contributions make the system run. They should be treated and paid fairly and my aim is to make sure that happens with Local 100


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