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Vote NO and Halt Institutional Racism in the Public Sector


The obvious attempt by all our silent politicians to open the NYS Constitution is not only an attack on public employees but on the rights of minorities to retire with dignity. Over the last half century, New York public service has been a God send to many African Americans, Latinos, and all immigrants who needed a fair chance at being hired into a good, steady job with benefits, removed from the typical discrimination of private sector hiring.

Now, by opening the state constitution, they want to take our pensions and twist them into an unrecognizable, disrespectful, undignified statement of ungratefulness. Does the possibility that this may become a reality have anything to do with the racial and ethnic make up of the public sector workforce? How many “coincidences” do we shrug off before we finally see the big picture?

Institutional racism is not a figure of our imagination. These same politicians need to know that by being silent now, you open the door to our wrath in the future. Pension gouging isn’t about retirement funding and sustainability. It’s about lowering taxes on the wealthy and getting public sector employees to pick up the slack. This particular time, we add in Cuomo’s run for the Presidency and why he needs to be the hero of the financial and real estate community. He needs that financial support. He lowers their taxes, they contribute to Cuomo for President, we pick up the bill with reduced retirement benefits.

Here, the wealthy are sticking it to minorities and using the Democrats to do the dirty work. Institutional racism serves a functional purpose, doesn’t it? From a fat cat’s perspective, it makes it a whole lot easier to screw working people.

#silenceiscompliance #noconcon

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Coming from a working class family I've always been concerned about the everyday worker. The unseen and unheard workers who through their contributions make the system run. They should be treated and paid fairly and my aim is to make sure that happens with Local 100


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