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Testimonial From Our Union Brother


Dear Brother Campbell;

Thank you for the information (Angela Cox-Kasse’s letter to the membership dated 5/19/17) you provided in your email regarding how international elections are conducted and officials are elected. If such practices are allowed to continue unchecked and unchanged, they could further weaken TWU and, unfortunately, probably lead to its demise or destruction.

A large majority of the membership does not trust the leaders of TWU Local 100. This is evident in the slow collection of delinquent dues and members [lack of] participation in union activities such as rallies, programs and elections. Members need trusted leaders who would inspire and motivate them and also help them achieve their goals on the job with less stress.

It is the responsibility of our leadership to work in the interest of the members to build trust; help bring about positive mindset changes and to encourage members to fully participate in union activities through honest engagements. I would like to make the following recommendations, which I hope would contribute to resolution of the unfair election practices at TWU international:

1) Formation of a reliably strong committee consisting of trusted members from the various locals. Exclude anyone who would deceive you and the membership, as demonstrated in your previous attempt to become TWU Local 100 president and during the negotiation of our current contract.

2) You and members of the committee should review the constitution and by-laws of TWU for violations, which may be challenged legally. Make sure to identify the unfair election violations with supporting documents. You and the committee members may recommend ideas such as adherence to the constitution and by-laws and pertinent changes you deem necessary.

3) In person visits to the various locals, with much emphasis to locations within TWU Local 100. I think this approach would give you exposure and more members get to know you as you deliver your messages, interact with them and build trust.  Be mindful that many members do not like reading materials posted or those they receive in the mail. Your physical appearance would be beneficial.

I hope my ideas would be helpful in finding resolution to the alleged unfair election practices at TWU International. We must strive to keep TWU united.

Sincerely yours,

Isaac Gbehan

*Brother Gbehan is currently the TWU Chairman of the Concourse Maintenance facility in the Bronx. Division of Car Equipment.


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