Silence is Compliance. Or it’s been said, “Silence is consent” are the most powerful three words that can be used to describe the populace at large, and TWU is no different.

Knowing your history will tell you what is possible, but following our current situation and the consistent patterns of exclusion and persecution tells us what is probable. After that, it’s up to us. Too many people view being a TWU (or any Union) member akin to being a spectator. Sadly, we forget the power inhered in us as a united force. Make no mistake about it, this Union was not intended to be ruled by a few top officers of the International or the Locals, who do not have the best interests of the rest of us in mind. It was meant to be a democracy that harnessed the power of the Union membership to overcome all adversity, that every one of us has a say, that we all matter. We don’t belong in the cheap seats, we belong in the game. Myself and others who are stepping up are here to remind you of that. We’re also here to remind the leadership that TWU is waking up, and we WILL be taking our Union back.