MTA Bus Members Are Not Allowed To Build Up Their Pensions

Is everyone here aware that MTA Bus members don't get to build up their pensions before they retire? They retire on the same numerator...

Why I’m running for TWU Executive Vice President

When I first became active in this local there was a passion that spilled down from the international to fight for our members rights....

Let’s Rebuild Our Union!

Dues Expenditure Alert

Dues expenditure alert. Your dues money is being blown at this very moment as your overpaid International officers fly around the country making unnecessary...

Make Your Voice Heard!

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Silence Is Compliance

Silence is Compliance. Or it's been said, "Silence is consent" are the most powerful three words that can be used to describe the populace...

Shout Out To The Job Creators..

A shout out to the job creators. Cleaners need the money!

How Does The TA Disrepect Our Veterans

There is a recurring problem that's been happening around the system, albeit most of the time it's on the low down. Veteran discrimination and...

Does Our Raise Beat Inflation?

I'm working on something to expand on this a little further. For right now, please accept this as a teaser. Inflation is climbing higher than...

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