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No More Speeches. Time to Act!

The biggest disaster occurring in labor right now is the declining number of workers represented by organized labor. This is obviously a failure on someone’s part. There are many dynamics that come into play. Some are the fault of the Union leaderships, themselves, as was pointed out in Lyn Montgomery’s article on the matter http://transportworkersunited.org/why-arent-unions-more-popular-an-article-by-lyn-montgomery/. But overall, a large portion of the blame lies in the AFL-CIO. They are the entity that is ultimately responsible for protecting the rights of collective bargaining. At some point, we took a backwards turn and never recovered.


We failed to address the corruption of a few that gave Unions a bad name. We failed to educate workers and our children on the true meaning of trade Unionism. And most importantly, we failed to create a strong Labor Party that would win seats in congress and the senate that would protect the rights of organized labor and pass legislation to curb outsourcing and regulate automation. This Labor Party would be seated at the state and federal level by teachers, nurses, transportation workers, etc. and not corporate lawyers and lobbyists like we have now. Perhaps this Labor Party would pass legislation to replace older green house fuels with clean solar and wind technologies and train the workforce to adapt — to encourage businesses to grow these jobs with tax breaks and incentives. This is the true meaning of making America great again, with organized labor in the driver’s seat.


I propose that, on this Labor Day, we contemplate taking control back from those who are destroying our ability to profit properly from our labor and turn the tide of income inequality back, and economically empower working families who truly make our country run. This includes putting opportunities back in economically impoverished communities where all hope is lost and a permanent underclass has been created. We have the power to do this. We just need a leadership that’s willing to put a plan in place and execute it. No more talk, no more speeches, no more nostalgia for the old days, time to act.




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