It’s their party and you’re not invited. But you’re paying for it. Sound familiar? Let’s organize our own effort to educate our members to vote NO on the NY State Constitutional Convention. #noconcon

What’s at stake?

The New York State Constitution guarantees that your public employer pension will be there when you retire. A State constitutional amendment could take that away. That should be enough for you to get involved. Here are some other very important reasons.
  • The environment – New York State’s constitution has the nation’s strongest protections for forever wild areas like the Adirondacks and the Catskills. Greedy developers could push to undo these safeguards;
  • Public education – The state constitution guarantees our students the right to a free public education;
  • The social safety net – The state constitution ensures the state provides for citizens in need;
  • Our voting rights – The constitution provides valuable protections; and
  • Don’t risk losing these vital safeguards.

It’s A Politician’s Convention!

  • During the last convention, four out of five delegates were career politicians and Albany insiders;
  • And every politician who ran for a delegate seat that year, won a delegate seat;
  • And who ran the show? All of the convention leaders were sitting legislators;
  • Most troubling? Thanks to Citizens United, corporate special interests can spend unlimited money getting their cronies elected; and
  • Do you trust Albany insiders to do what’s right? Don’t risk it.

It’s just not necessary!

  • A process already exists to amend the state constitution, and it doesn’t cost a thing;
  • For example, the state Legislature passed an amendment in 2013 expanding casino gambling. The same process could be used for new amendments;
  • Opening the state constitution is like opening Pandora’s Box;
    You can’t predict what changes delegates will make;
  • The last time a convention took place it was a complete failure; voters rejected every proposed constitutional change; and
  • Don’t add to Albany waste.

A waste of tax dollars!

  • Experts estimate a constitutional convention will cost hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars;
  • Lawmakers can collect salaries and pension credits as elected officials and as delegates simultaneously;
  • The last time a constitutional convention took place, it cost taxpayers millions and accomplished nothing;
  • Constitutional conventions don’t have mandatory end dates -delegates keep meeting and taxpayers keep paying; and
  • Should taxpayers fund a party for Albany insiders? No!

Labor rights at risk!

  • At risk:  The right to unionize and bargain collectively. Your union’s strength could be jeopardized;
  • At risk:  Workers’ compensation. Safeguard your rights if you’re injured on the job;
  • At risk: Public pension protections. The constitution guarantees your pension will be there;
  • Other states have made drastic pension changes with disastrous results for active members and retirees. Don’t let it happen here; and
  • Don’t risk your rights/your future!



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