Another panel will be convened by Governor Cuomo to figure out how to sell NYC taxpayers on paying more for our subway and bus system. They will dip, duck, dive, and dodge taxing wealthy New Yorkers. Nothing derails a Presidential run quicker than raising taxes on rich people. And Samuelsen wiggled his way on to the panel so you know where it’s credibility lies.
The Mayor has steadfastly rejected Cuomo’s plan to cut State funding and pass the buck to city tax payers. Now the latest plan to instil a toll on driving in Mid-town Manhattan (Congestion Pricing) is just one more clever ruse to disguise another tax on working New Yorkers. The Mayor has rejected the Governor’s push to dump mass transit costs on the average city worker. The Mayor is right. Tax wealthy New Yorkers rather than average income workers and small businesses, which is exactly what congestion pricing does. Especially when it doesn’t include dedicated express bus lanes into the city. Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe. Cuomo and Samuelsen demanding that Mayor de Blasio
“pay his fair share” is code for NYC residents pay more, state pays less. Remember, the
Mayor doesn’t pay anything, NYC working families do.


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