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Solidarity. Common Sense. Words You Won’t Find in the Stand United Dictionary.

Nov 16th, 2012

Since Hurricane Sandy, people in the Rockaways have been stranded without subway service.  The TA decided to set up a shuttle service and offered our members the first shot at the work. No brainer, right?   Help people in need, and get more work and overtime for our members.

But the Stand United team in OA turned the work down. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Stephan Thomas, on the other hand, said there are people who need our help, and we need the work. Hell yes, we’ll do it.  We’re not crazy!

This has resulted in 6 months plus of overtime shuttle work for TA Surface, extended service for MTA Bus on existing routes, and a much-needed service to our fellow New Yorkers who are still suffering in the aftermath of Sandy.

If we had turned down the work, the TA would have brought in an outside contractor to do our work, and Local 100 would have looked terrible in the eyes of the community.  Looks like all Samuelsen’s talk about building support from the riders is just that.  Talk.

Yet somehow, Patafio and his gang are trying to turn this into a campaign issue.  OK Stand United, you guys keep right on being selfish crybabies. Thomas and Transport Workers United are going to keep looking out for the members AND people who need our help.

Solidarity and common sense. 

Two more reasons why it’s critical to

Vote the Transport Workers United Slate/Joe Campbell for President of TWU Local 100

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Samuelsen Loses X 17 Arbitration:

Sep 15th, 2012

A Historic, Potentially Lethal Surrender of Work and Territory.

A Real Step Towards Regional Bus.

Last week, Samuelsen lost an arbitration decision that gives away work that has belonged exclusively to Local 100 for 40 years.   This decision, which gives the TA the right to have the X17 express bus that is not driven by Local 100 members stop in Brooklyn, is a huge defeat for the territory of our union and the seniority rights and earnings of our members.  It is a real beginning  towards Regional Bus on the ground as opposed to just creating an administrative shell.

The TA carefully crafted this move when it decided to just make ONE stop in Brooklyn.   Now that one stop is established, two or more stops become equally defensible.  LIB (into Queens as well as Manhattan) and MTA Bus encroaching into the Bronx and Manhattan also potentially become protected.

Before Samuelsen, the TA always claimed that the administrative shell is all they had the right to and any effect on service would require an agreement with each bargaining unit, so why were we making such a big deal of opposing it?  Regional Bus “shell” language originally entered the contract between Local 100 and the MTA in 1994. Since that time Local 100 always blocked encroachment on our service, seniority and earnings.  

 Until now.  Now, with this ruling, those days are gone …. under Mr. Samuelsen.

This arbitration decision settles the matter in the TA’s favor. They realized they had an opening with the Samuelsen team and they took it.

Samuelsen is the master of spin and blaming others for his failures, so you know he’ll try it here.  But bus operators know the score.  NO bus operator should ever cast a vote for John Samuelsen or ANY of his defenders.

Time for Change!

Put Samuelsen, Willie and JP on the next Regional Bus Express!

Vote the Transport Workers United Slate/

Joe Campbell for President of TWU Local 100

Stephan Thomas for VP, TA Surface

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Silence is Deadly

Sep 15th, 2012

In 2010 the TA proposed layoffs and the Samuelsen administration failed to negotiate redeployment. They got layoffs.

Willie and JP sat silently.

The TA tried the same thing with the previous administration in 2009. The difference?  The workers were redeployed and kept their pay.

John Samuelsen filed a lawsuit with members’ money to get rid of the consolidation agreement. Membership voted and approved that agreement in 2003. Over 1000 members are presently taking advantage of the money and time that they are able to save by working in a depot close to their home.

Willie and JP sat silently.

After the layoffs came, Local 1056 and Local 726 negotiated with the TA to have them continue medical coverage for their members. John Samuelsen  was too busy traveling the world to take care of the members, so he came up with the Solidarity Fund as a way to save face.  He and his team told the TA that management didn’t have to continue medical coverage, because the members of Local 100 would take care of it. That was the first signal that we lost the contract fight.

Willie and JP sat silently

Now it comes out that Samuelsen has bungled a critical arbitration, allowing Regional Bus to hit the streets of Brooklyn and take away work that has belonged to Local 100 members for 50 years.

Willie and JP sat silently

We Can’t Take 3 More of the Last 3 Years.

Vote the Transport Workers United Slate/

Joe Campbell for President of TWU Local 100

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As Bus Operators Swing Rooms Close – a Do-Nothing President.

Sep 3rd, 2012

Before Local 100′s election season, John Samuelsen had no time for bus operators.

In 2010 he even offered to let the City to start running “Dollar Vans” on our routes!!! Remember that?

But there is another critical area in which he has showed gross neglect. Rather than expanding swing rooms across our surface operations, including for our MTA Bus operators to relieve them from second class treatment, John Samuelsen is allowing the MTA to close TA/OA swing rooms and to prevent MTA Bus operators from even using the bathrooms at terminals where their runs end!.

It turns out that there is a signed agreement, dating back to 2009,  between the Local and the TA that requires the Authority to keep all our swing rooms open and to maintain them. Swing rooms are about our bus operators’ self-respect–about having decent, sanitary places to take a bathroom break and to relax and have their meals.

The agreement requiring the TA to keep the swing rooms open and maintained was placed in Samuelsen’s hands from the first day he took office. Either he just didn’t want to do his job or just didn’t care or both. We just hope he didn’t have a deal going with the TA. Either way, we are looking at swing rooms closed on his watch and the TA has gotten over on us AGAIN.

Why does John just let them have their way with us? That is, until election time comes around again.  No wonder the TA seems to be working to help him get another term in office. The TA hasn’t had it this good in a long time!

OA/TA/MTA Bus Work Swap Agreement Agreed to by Samuelsen Administration

Sep 2nd, 2012

OA TA MTA Bus work swap agreement

Vote the Transport Workers United Slate/
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