From Linda Dill TWU Local 567

Silence is Compliance! What a true statement! When we give in to fear or bullying from weak leaders....maybe even 'subtly' told what or who to...

Statement From Jeanna Jackson TWU Local 556 Flight Attendant

Shared from Flight Attendant Jeanna Jackson on behalf of TWU Local 556 Flight Attendants who are suffering the same dysfunction with their Union as...

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Silence Is Compliance

Silence is Compliance. Or it's been said, "Silence is consent" are the most powerful three words that can be used to describe the populace...

Shout Out To The Job Creators..

A shout out to the job creators. Cleaners need the money!

How Does The TA Disrepect Our Veterans

There is a recurring problem that's been happening around the system, albeit most of the time it's on the low down. Veteran discrimination and...

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